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Sale of systems and equipment for SF6 and alternative gases

recovery machines
measurement tools
detection systems
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Service center for SF6 equipment

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STAFF TRAINING in Accordance with European Directives Staff training According to EU517 / 842

Training staff in accordance to EU517/842

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Regeneration of Sulphur Hexafluoride SF6

Efforts to limit the production of synthesis gas with a high GWP through the regeneration of used gas on the market.

The advantages:


The advantages of the “REGENERATION” process

Acquisition of SF6 regenerated as CEI60376 «NEW GAS»
Limitation of the use of THERMO DESTRUCTION
Separate POLLUTING GAS Collection
Certification of SF6 purity levels through the presence analysis of “H2O, SO2, vol.%, HF, H2S, CO”

L’impianto di «RIGENERAZIONE SF6»


Reference activities for entities, companies, laboratories who, for their own targets, require a separation process of SF6 after a temporary use in blend with N2 or others. SF6 gas is returned to customers as “NEW” gas according to CEI60376.

Analysis and certification of gas SF6 contained in cylinders, tanks, equipment


sanalysis and certification services of SF6 gas in cylinders, equipment, tanks
SF6 classification according to CEI60480 and CEI60376 standards
Possibility of measurement of “H2O, SO2,% vol, HF, H2S, CO”
activity offered at our site or at the site

Sale of regenerated SF6 Gas classified as «New» at Competitive Prices Compared to Standard Market

Rental Service of cylinders for SF6, New Or Used size range from 40lt To 600lt

Sale of empty cylinders for SF6 Gas, new or used, size range from 5lt To 600lt

Recovery of SF6 cylinders

Elimination of residual contents of SF6 cylinders and dehumidification of the container.
Possibility of delivering cylinders according to the following standards:

Recovered cylinder in atmosphere of SF6 at ambient pressure.
Recovered cylinder under vacuum.
Recovered cylinder filled with regenerated SF6

Testing and Recertification of cylinders with expired punching label or cylinders with Missed Certification

Service offered in collaboration with specialized external partners.

Scrapping of Cylinders or Containers – Service dedicated to unrecoverable containers

I Containers Receive a First Regeneration Process before becoming Ferrous Metal Scrap

(Activities carried out through external partners)

Transport In ADR

SF6 sending and withdrawing service is carried out through gas carriers; we carry out withdrawals and deliveries of cylinders containing “new”and “regenerated” gas and also containing “used” gas in order to recover and regenerate it.

Elimination of SF6 residual Dust from contaminated Environments


Decontamination of sites with presence of powders caused by gas decomposition;
The interventions are performed by trained staff; through the use of DPIs and dedicated suction systems, the protection of personnel and the environment is ensured
Clean-up ends after rendering acid and reagent waste inert

“SF6 System” Third Party Management

Highly professional service dedicated to companies operating in the presence of plants operating with SF6; these companies prefer to resort to “SF6 System” Third Party Management to achieve the best result in terms of:

Environment and security
Working techniques
Times of intervention
Document Tracing
Full cycle of activities