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SYNECOM was founded in the year 2000 as a Professional Services Firm dedicated to Highly-Qualified Clients in Energy sector, by the year 2005 Synecom became SYNECOM SRL

SYNECOM has created its own group by opening its own subsidiaries.

SYNECOM is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. It has a well-established and significant long time experience in the world of Electromechanical sector along with its Highly Qualified Human Resources. Services such as Development, Engineering, Installation, Testing, Maintenance and Training are the core Business activities that SYNECOM carries out which are mainly dedicated to Medium and High Voltage from Conventional Energies to Renewable Energies such as Wind Parks, Photovoltaic Parks, Cogeneration Plants and Energy production from waste.

SF6 Ambient Protection

  • Rigenerazione di SF6 usato
  • Separazione del SF6 da miscele di gas indotte
  • Analisi e certificazione di gas SF6 contenuto in bombole o in apparecchiature
  • Vendita di SF6 rigenerato in classificazione di gas “NUOVO” secondo norma CEI 60376
  • Vendita di Bombole per SF6 “usato”
  • Vendita di bombole per SF6 “nuovo”
  • Noleggio di Bombole per gas “nuovo “ o “usato”
  • Servizi di bonifica di bombole
  • Servizi di rottamazione di bombole
  • Servizio di gestione del gas per conto di terzi, nel rispetto delle disposizioni DPR43, EU517, EU842, EU305, EU1493, EU1494, CEI60480, CEI 62271-303, CEI 60376
  • Gestione di lotti di bombole e gas, in deposito presso clienti
  • Servizi di trasporto in ADR (servizi eseguiti attraverso vettori esterni certificati)
  • Servizi di bonifica di gas contenuti su impianti AT o MT
  • Servizi di bonifica ambientale a seguito di esplosione di apparecchiature contenenti SF6

SF6 Details


Our services are:

  • CHP Systems from wastes
  • Energy storage systems
  • Site management-Coordination and supervision of major works such as HV and MV power plants, wind parks, cogeneration plants and pphotovoltaic parks
  • Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up of HV, MV for renewable and conventional energy power plants
  • HV-MV systems maintenance
  • Technical expertise in case of malfunction or failure
  • Electromechanical engineering and technical expert advice
  • Inspections and expediting to check installations and suppliers quality
  • Technical training for HV-MV plants management and safety and for SF6 use according to EU842, EU305, DPR43
  • Management of SF6 for power plants
  • Exclusive Representation in Italy of DILO GMBH company for equipment to manage and measure the Gas SF6

impianti impianti impianti

Services Details


Venice Conference

June 21, 2013

International Day on Environment and Safety study: “Towards Global Justice; Tools for health and ecosystem protection and safety of food


Synecom is exclusive representative for italy market of products and services of the German company Dilo GMBH,a leader in the international market for the production of equipment and accessories for treatment, measurement, and the use of SF6 gas and mechanical fittings for high-pressure.

Synecom is service center for Italy of DILO equipment and tools.

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Synecom s.r.l consolidated his references by working with customers leaders of their field and in different countries; Among these:

Countries and Jobs

  • Italy: Installation and commissioning of GIS 132-380KV Various,Installation and commissioning of AIS systems Various, HVDC Latina, Wind Farm Various, Solar farm Various, Wast Pirobio plants, electrical works and commissioning in PP Various....
  • Algeria: Sonelgas Various
  • Nigeria: River State Gis and Ais Stations
  • Yemen: Total Petrol refinery Electrical system
  • Saudi Arabia: Ogier desalination electrical system and control
  • Slovakia: Mochovce nuclear plant MV system for reactor 3 and 4
  • Norway: Various
  • Ghana: HV Network inspection
  • Panama: Electrical installations in coal PP
  • Uruguay: UTE 550KV stations maintenance
  • Mexico: CFE 550kv system installation various
  • China: Various
  • Germany: Various
  • Egypt: MOEE installations of 220kv GIS mobile station
  • Turkei: Various
  • France: Various

Customers leaders of their field among these:

  • A2A
  • ABB
  • Alstom Grid
  • Areva
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Cesi
  • EON
  • ENEL
  • Gelsia Srl
  • Schneider Electric
  • Siemens
  • Sorgenia
  • Tenova
  • Terna

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Synecom s.r.l.

Via Circolazione Ovest, 27
24040 Stezzano (BG)

Tel.: +39 035 4376691
Fax: +39 035 4375325

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