International Services for Electro - Mechanical field
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Measuring and expertise

We measure network and environmental parameters on plants or parts of them in order to check its operation. In case of malfunction or failure, evaluations are performed on the causes / effects with the development of corrective actions.

Tests on site

Synecom has its own equipment in order to verify the construction parameters of the installed equipment (CT, VT, switches, breakers, transformers, GIS, MT cells, capacitor banks, MV cables, UPS, photovoltaic), and of the development of system (electrical protections, data transmission, counters) through primary and secondary injections, thermography, evidence of primary insulation, capacitance measurements, measures of the resistivity of earth and step contact, test cables, measure of the primary resistance of the plant.

Site management and Site supervisors

We offer highly qualified figures for to manage the activities on site and coordination between different companies and commitment ; with the specialized supervisors we follow up the management and the quality of electromechanical projects, keeping attention to every steps of opening, running and closing of the site.

Commissioning and HV-MV-LV start-ups

Highly professional and highly experienced, our team can organize and manage every step of site start-up, ensuring his quality, the protection of works and the compliance with deadlines.
We carry out thorough commissioning of electromechanical plants, taking care of power, protection and control components and we take care also of their calibration if required.

HV and MV plant’s maintenance

Through his highly specialized and experienced team, Synecom carry out the maintenance of HV, MV and LV plants, verifying equipment’ s working and systems of control and supervision on site.
Depending on plant’s type and working, Synecom draw up different contingency plans to minimize off-duty hours and detect pre-emptively critical points on plant’s working through targeted analyzes.
During the first maintenance, we write on an information medium a plant’s schedule that will be updated from time to time and will be an important help for the management of equipment and control unit.
Synecom provides emergency services for any anomalies or malfunctions that may occur on plant and actuate focused analysis and remediation actions through his experienced technicians

Technical training

Our HV and MV systems experts are able to plan special training focused on installed plants analyzing the various types and characteristics.
The main theme is always safety, functionality and respect for environment on site both by operators and equipment.
Every section is developed with the aim of training involved people and make them stand-alone in plant’s control and management.
We also believe that training on systems should contribute to general understanding of their logic.

HV-MV-LV Tests

For the mechanical and electromechanical division we are able to assist or represent our customer for type tests (also highly specialized), routine tests, laboratory tests. We can analyze test reports, prepare and manage all required documentation.

Studies and engineering

We develop and coordinate feasibility studies and detailed technical evaluations to support key decision points in the path of a project.
We develop basic engineering to give effect to the framework and for determining the parameters of the project.
Basic, final and executive electromechanical design for HV, MV and LV sections and cable lines in renewable and conventional energy field.
Design of complete photovoltaic and biogas parks with detailed technical analyzes for the various components Dossiers GSE connection Automation control developing and plants supervising.

Technical coordination

We coordinate and supervise the activities of specialized engineering, in order to ensure the overall project objectives attainment and to harmonize each component’s integration.
We take care of the technical supervision during the different phases of plants erection so that final results match expectations.

Purchasing specifications

We develop purchasing specifications for products, systems and services, assuring that every supply can fulfills the expectations completely and well integrate for the improvement of the whole project.

Technical manuals, procedures and specifications

We draw up manuals for use and maintenance of system, developing operating procedures for the plant management with constant attention to the safety of operators and equipment.
Drawing up of control and quality plans related to various phases of the project.
Drafting of technical specifications defining the project for bids.
We can also provide specific trainings in order to divulge manual contents.

Audits for plants and electromechanical systems

Our qualified inspectors carry out checks on verification of our suppliers’ documents, equipment and procedures in order to evaluate their efficiency and the correspondence with the terms of the supply contract.


With more than twenty years of experiences with SF6 gas insulated systems from 30kv to 800kv.
we have qualified trainers for EU842, EU305, DPR43, for sulphureted gas.
Synecom hold the exclusive representation in Italy for products and services for company Dilo GMBH in Germany which is market leader for production of equipment and accessories for treatment, measurement and use of SF6 gas and mechanical couplings at high pressure.

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